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Questions About ‘Brain Food’
Auction Offer For PMA’s FIT

Our piece, Perishable Thoughts — Building The Future Of Our Industry, dealt with the importance of youth to our industry and the many efforts the newly named PMA Foundation for Industry Talent is conducting to help the industry attract new recruits.

As part of its fundraising efforts, we mentioned that the Foundation was holding a silent auction at the Fresh Perspectives: Women’s Leadership Event on Friday morning and that to kick it off, we donated an event which is described in the catalog this way:

Power Lunch with the Pundit

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to experience “up close and personal” the one-and-only Jim Prevor, also known as the “Perishable Pundit.” As founder of both PRODUCE BUSINESS and, Jim is read in over 100 countries each week and has lectured on every continent save Antarctica.

His insights into the future of the produce, fresh foods and retailing industries and how these industries intersect with broad societal trends such as food safety, sustainability, demography, etc., have led CNN, Fox, the BBC and dozens of newspapers and magazines to seek out his perspective.

Jim will dine and discuss with the winning bidder and up to seven friends or teammates at a mutually agreeable place and time. The cost of lunch and travel expenses are included and Jim’s schedule generally allows for travel to most major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas etc., as well as most major produce centers, such as Salinas, Fresno, Yakima, Vidalia, etc.

Food for your brain and your belly!

We indicated that anyone at the event can bid there, and we also mentioned that if anyone wasn’t going to be at the event but still wanted to bid they could let us know that they would like to bid right here.

We received a number of questions so we thought we’d try to answer them now:

1. “Would you do the lunch at our offices with more than eight people?”
Sure, the donation includes the Pundit buying lunch for up to eight people, but if you would rather do something at your facility and you bring in the lunch — no problem.

2. “We need you for a specific date. Can we get that?”
Maybe, we’ll try. The promise is for a “mutually agreeable date” but if you have something specific in mind e-mail us here and we’ll let you know if that date is available.

3. “I’m not attending that event and want to bid but don’t want to overpay either — what can I do?”
Simple — just e-mail us here with your maximum bid, and we’ll increase your bid in the minimum increments. So, you will only pay your maximum if someone else bids right up close to that amount.

4. “Do we have to pay for the Pundit’s flight, hotels, etc.?”
That is all included — you pay only what you bid.

5. “Will you visit us outside the US?”
Perhaps. Going elsewhere depends on how far, how expensive and your ability to tempt the Pundit — Mrs. Pundit would sure like it if you need the Pundit in Bali Ha’i! Worst comes to worst, you might have to pay the airfare for trips outside the US. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to e-mail us here and ask.

6. “Is PMA paying you to do this?”
No, not at all. This is a contribution to the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent to help attract youth to the industry. One-hundred-percent of what you bid will go to the Foundation. So bid early and bid often! You can enter a maximum bid right now by e-mailing us here.

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