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Purple Palace Perfect For Frieda’s To Enjoy At The London Produce Show And Conference

We have been getting lots of terrific feedback on The London Produce Show and Conference, which we have been writing about in pieces such as these:

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Some of the people we speak with want to have booths; others want to sponsor things; some want to be speakers; others want to attend.

Many of these prospective attendees are, of course, buyers. Yet some, although they may find product to buy, are also counting on the intellectual stimulation of an event in London.

Karen Caplan, President and CEO at Frieda’s Inc. in Los Alamitos, California, for example, told us she wants to come. We hope she will stay at the headquarters hotel at our discounted rate, but if she likes the UK, we did find the perfect house for her to buy!

It is listed on Rightmove, which has provided these photos, and is bargain priced at only £400,000. You can see the listing here.

If you would like more information on The London Produce Show and Conference you can e-mail us here

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