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Pundit’s Mailbag — Should Have Been A Lawyer

Our piece, With Penny-A-Pound ‘Victory’, Coalition of Immokalee Workers Looks To Justify Its Actions, brought this piece of praise from an ag association executive from clear across the country:

Nice piece on the CIW. You should have been a lawyer! Your arguments are logical and express excellent responses to the CIW letter.

— Robert P. Roy, Esq.
President/General Counsel
Ventura County Agricultural Association
Camarillo, CA

We appreciate the note. That is high praise coming from Mr. Roy, who is among the most respected experts on agricultural labor and employment law in the State of California.

We do try to keep our arguments logical, but as far as being a lawyer goes, we did the next best thing: We married one!

Many thanks to Mr. Roy and the Ventura County Agricultural Association for the kind words.

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