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Pundit’s Mailbag — ‘Outsider’ Fernandez Will Fit In To Produce Safety Position

Bonnie FernandezWhen we ran a piece announcing Bonnie Fernandez Takes Helm Of Center For Produce Safety, we heard a lot of hopeful feedback but also were asked some hard questions. How could it be otherwise? Coming from outside the industry, Bonnie is an unknown to most industry leaders. But not to all, and among those who do know her, we have heard little but praise. This response is indicative:

I read with great interest your article in regard to Bonnie Fernandez being named the new Executive Director for the Center for Food Safety. I have had the opportunity to work with Bonnie for the last four-plus years as part of the Agribusiness Presidents Council in Sacramento.

Your comments about her are right on point. She is a very thoughtful person with a great demeanor that I believe will fit her new position well. I am truly pleased to see her in this very important role.

— Barry J. Bedwell
California Grape & Tree Fruit League
Fresno, California

Thanks to Barry for passing on his “up close and personal” experience with Bonnie and her leadership skills.

The Center for Produce Safety is a new institution established to plough new ground in service to the trade and the people of the world by enhancing the safety of fruits and vegetables.

It is a blessing to have an Executive Director with some different experiences and some new ideas to help us launch this most important of ventures.

Thanks again to Barry for sharing his insight.

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