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Pundit’s Mailbag — New York Produce Show And Conference ‘Endorsement’

Back in our salad days, when we were green in judgment, the very first retailer to ask this incipient Pundit to keynote a retail event was Dick Spezzano, who asked us to fly to Los Angeles and speak at Von’s annual produce event, which we happily did.

Now, a quarter century later, Dick sends a note referencing our piece, New Event Planned for 2010: Eastern Produce Council and PRODUCE BUSINESS Announce The New York Produce Show And Conference.

Congratulations on being a pioneer along with the Eastern Produce Council to establish the New York Produce Show and Conference.

I know that between Jim Prevor, Paul Kneeland, John McAleavey and the rest of the staff of PRODUCE BUSINESS and the members of the Eastern Produce Council, it will be a huge success. It is long over due.

— Dick Spezzano
Spezzano Consulting Service, Inc.
Monrovia, California

Dick was — and is — active in the Fresh Produce and Floral Council, which is the granddaddy of these regional events. In fact he was Chairman of the FPFC back in 2003 and so saw first hand the complexity that putting together an event like this involves — of course he also saw how much the industry can gain from such an event. So his praise for the idea carries special weight.

The reaction to our announcement has been simply fantastic, and already 40% of the available booth space has been sold.

Soon we will be announcing our CHARTER EXHIBITORS and it is not too late to get on that list. If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at The New York Produce Show and Conference, please, let us know here.

If you would like information on attending, let us know here.

And many thanks to Dick Spezzano for taking a moment to send his kind pat on the back. It is much appreciated.

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