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Pundit’s Mailbag — Industry Tired Of EWG’s Smear Tactics

Our piece, New Scientific Report Shoots Down EWG’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ List As Misleading And An Impediment To Public Health brought many nice notes including this one:

Very nice work and comments on the Alliance for Food and Farming’s campaign to set the record straight when it comes to the misleading information spread by EWG. I wanted you to know that PMA is proud to have provided additional funding to support development of the AFF’s public web site launched today at and that support is transparently recognized on the site. We cannot and will not stand on the sidelines and let the steady drip-drip of misleading information from the EWG spread its corrosive toxicity across the public consciousness. Our farmers — small and large, conventional and organic alike — are committed to growing safe food for their customers and their families.

Bryan Silbermann
President & CEO
Produce Marketing Association
Newark, DE



We appreciate Bryan’s letter as we appreciated PMA’s willingness to not only fund the website but to do it in a public way. Obviously PMA is not hiding behind any veil in demonstrating its strong support for this campaign by AFF.

We are at a point in the industry where many are tired of EWG spouting off nonsensically about the supposed dangers of large scale farming and accusing others of being tools of the agrichemical industry.

PMA’s members include a diverse group of growers and they are now tired of these types of anti-scientific smear tactics. Thus Bryan Silberman, the staff at PMA and the board of directors have taken this opportunity to provide this tangible support.

The industry and its associations are always willing to sit down and discuss legitimate concerns. But many of these accusations are not scientifically serious. They are done to get press and promote fundraising.

The AFF is a small group but, as we see with PMA’s investment, it is now supported by the broader produce industry because so many believe that it is high time that groups like EWG are held accountable to the same standards of scientific accuracy that are expected of the produce industry, and should be expected of all who want to better educate the public.

Many thanks to Bryan Silbermann and PMA for both supporting the efforts of AFF and for helping us to look at the situation in a new light.

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