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Pundit’s Mailbag — Help Haiti
By Purchasing Haitian Mangos

Thanks for running the piece Haiti Earthquake Relief Underway But Much More Needed.

I did not know about the Prevor family history tied into the Haitian mango industry. It is quite astounding that you manage to have such deep connections with so many topics of importance to our industry.

Who knew you knew all about Haitian mangos — especially the best variety: Francine!

Colleague and former client, Haitian-owned Blue Ocean Harvest, located right near Pundit headquarters in Plantation, Florida, is launching a large effort to help, sending aid via the Dominican Republic. We also blogged twice about this last few days with a post entitled Turning Haiti into Love and Humanism, Hierarchy…and Haiti.

Commerce is one way to help these folks… We need to let the industry know: BUY THOSE MANGOS: THEY ARE HEAVENLY!

Veronica Kraushaar
VIVA Global Marketing, LLC
Nogales, Arizona

Many will debate the tastiness of various mango varieties and origins, but we certainly can agree with the importance of commerce. Immediate aid may be necessary to save lives and avoid disease. Long term, though, commerce is a more sustainable path to development than any form of charity.

In fact, among the most misguided commentators on the Haiti earthquake and its aftermath have been those attacking cruise ship operators for continuing to serve unaffected parts of Haiti with cruise ships.

Some individuals may choose not to go to Haiti on a cruise due to the earthquake, which is a triumph of sentiment over rationality. The people in Haiti need money in the short term and a way to make a living in the long term. A person who elects not to go on a cruise that stops in Haiti and, instead, goes on one that stops at St. Martaan does nothing to help Haiti. He actually hurts Haiti and Haitians.

Many thanks to Veronica Kraushaar for reminding us that the power of the purse is a powerful way to help those working hard to earn a living.

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