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Pundit’s Mailbag — Fresh Foods vs. Perishable

Bryan Silbermann of the Produce Marketing Association, with a coincidental assist from Karen Caplan of Frieda’s, both keep a watchful eye on consumer perception of the business and so argued for the use of the name Fresh Foods rather than Perishable in the title of this web site. We ran Bryan’s letter last Wednesday along with some commentary, you can see that exchange here.

I ended that piece pointing out we had set up as an automatic relay to our web site, and Bryan, sticking to his guns, sent a note of support indicating:

‘I LOVE FreshFoodsPundit!’

— Bryan Silbermann

Hate to be on the other side of an issue from Bryan, so I’ll bring in the big guns. Momma Pundit sent in an unsolicited letter:

Perishable Pundit is alliterative and so it sounds much better than ‘Fresh Foods Pundit’. I thought your reply was excellent!

— Love, Mom

Always good to know that Mom is on your side!

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