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Pundit’s Mailbag —
Fresh Flowers And The Freeze

We’ve been getting some requests for information on how the freeze may affect fresh flowers in California. Requests such as this letter:

Any information we can pass onto our customers on the shortage of flowers due to cold weather and the freeze in California?

With Valentine’s here, it would be great if you had anything on this subject.

— Joanne Torres
Pacifica Farms

The Pundit is pleased to report that Valentine’s Day will arrive on schedule. To get the lowdown, we asked Mira Slott, pundit investigator and special projects editor, to speak to the people at the California Cut Flower Commission:

Q: What impact did the freeze have on the floral market?

A: Damage from the freeze was sporadic and limited. Since this is winter, the majority of field crops are not in full production right now anyway. The really heavy field production takes place later in spring, summer, and fall.

Q: Do you anticipate any fallout related to Valentine’s Day sales?

A: The freeze shouldn’t affect sales of Valentine’s Day flowers. Most are grown in greenhouses. In terms of prices, there should be no impact at the consumer level. Some growers in the San Diego area did lose some proteas and wax flowers. Still, major floral production of cut flowers comes from offshore.

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