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Pundit’s Mailbag —
Connection Of Two Apple Men

Our piece, Pundit’s Mailbag — Nobel Prize Commentary And Poetry, featured letters from Alick Glass, the founder of Glass Associates Limited in the United Kingdom and Jim Allen, President of the New York Apple Association, who each wrote independently in response to our piece, Pundit Up For Nobel Prize

Jim Allen with Alick Glass

Now, Jim Allen writes us back to let us know that the Pundit’s decision to combine these two letters in one piece was serendipitous:

I don’t think you knew that Alick Glass and I have known each other for many years and I have visited him in the UK a number of times.

I found it really quite a coincidence that you chose to print my mailbag letter and his poem in the same column. As somebody once said, “Great minds think alike!”

Obviously I am speaking of you and Alick.

He is a grand gentleman, with class and character. I have benefited greatly from knowing him.

Thanks for putting me alongside him, even if it was for a moment!

— Jim Allen
New York Apple Association, Inc.
Fishers, New York

Alick also sent a little note, very appropriate for an apple dealer:

First a phone call from Barney Mayrsohn to say that the Prevor family had made contact with him about me and the business we did together years ago.

Then I read that that over-generous tribute in your column.

I’m blushing so much I’m more a full Red than a Bi-coloured!

— Alick Glass
Glass Associates Limited

Maybe the random connection of two apple men from across the pond is not the most newsworthy or thought-provoking piece we could run.

Yet, so much of our industry discussion focuses on concepts and ideas — on technology and laws — that we thought it worth a moment’s reminder that, at base, it all depends on people.

Personal relationships provide a crucial lubricant to make dealing with difficult issues possible and make relishing success more fun.

Many thanks to Jim and Alick for giving us an opportunity to reflect on the importance and pleasures of bonhomie in business.

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