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Pundit’s Mailbag – Chandler Copps Helped Wholesalers Too

Our piece, Remembering Chandler Copps – A Mentor, A Leader, A Great Example, focused on Chandler Copps’ great contributions to the retail industry, but this letter reminded us that he was an important player in helping terminal market wholesalers to better themselves as well:

As a founding member of his terminal market group, along with Bob Strube, Charlie Gallagher, Steve D’Arrigo, etc., I can only say your article was to the point.

Chandler was a great leader in the produce industry, and I learned valuable insights into the operation of Hunter Bros. in Philadelphia and was able to view others in the industry in a more meaningful arena.

Thank you for this article.

— Frank Wiechec
Former President
Hunter Bros.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thanks to Frank for stirring from retirement to send this note. It reminds us that the contributions of great men, such as Chandler Copps, reverberate in many ways and many places.

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