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Pundit’s Mailbag — Bob Strube, Sr. And Pete Purcell: Legacies Of Inspiration

Response to our piece, Pete Purcell: A ‘Diamond’ In The Sky, which we followed up with Pundit’s Mailbag — More Praise For Pete Purcell continues to come in:

Pete Purcell — strange how I could not seem to get him off my mind for the past year (yes, the past year!)

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Pete Purcell’s seminars way back in the day… it was April of 1989 (when I was employed by Frieda’s, Inc.)

Anyone who did not have the opportunity I was given truly missed out on learning from a legend … actually I was fortunate enough to learn from two of the best — Pete Purcell and Frieda Caplan!

My deepest sympathy to The Pete Purcell Family.

— Jeanette De-Coninck Hertzler
Account Executive
Shamrock Foods
Phoenix, Arizona

When we were at United in Las Vegas, we also had the opportunity to see Tim and Jan Fleming and Lisa Strube. Back in January we ran a piece Industry Giant Bob Strube Sr., Passes Away, a piece the Strube family honored by reprinting and distributing at the funeral.

The piece had contained notes from several industry members praising Bob. We also received a couple of notes related to Bob’s passing that were too late for that article:

Our deepest sympathy to the Strube family at the loss of Bob Sr.

Bob was truly a GIANT and a PILLAR in the Chicago Produce Industry and he will be truly missed by all who he touched.

— Michael E. Pflueger
and Staff
High Point Marketing of NJ, Inc.
Ridgewood, New Jersey


Very nice article about Bob. Not only did he build that business, but I do think we see his impact on the entire family in so many ways.

I made it to the visitation, and my wife Kathy and I were just overwhelmed at the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Of course we’ve known Jan and Tim, and Bob and Sue, and to a lesser extent some of their kids.

Lisa was a most hospitable greeter for the Strube clan, and Rob and Lisa’s children were so poised. There’s a whole group of 16-year-olds who were mighty fine young men and women, doing a wonderful job of meeting us “old folks”.

I had to be at a Board meeting following the visitation so headed to the airport. But, Kathy stayed in Chicago and was there for the funeral. Funny, I wish I had been able to be there too.

— Tom Stenzel
President and CEO
United Fresh Produce Association
Washington, D.C.

Many years ago when the Pundit’s grandfather Harry Prevor passed away, the Pundit gave a eulogy and shortly thereafter the Pundit Poppa — who, unlike the Pundit Grandfather, was not one for joining boards — decided to run for the board of the Hunts Point Market. After he won, the Pundit Momma was so shocked he ran, she asked why he did so. He replied that he wanted “Jimmy” to have something to say about him when he too passed!

Though the Pundit Poppa should not have been so concerned, our feelings for him are not contingent on board service. Still, the episode has stayed with us and, in part, explains the attention we pay to great men and woman who have passed on.

Of course, the immediate families are a concern and, of course, it is part of our place to create a permanent record of the achievements and contributions of those who have contributed so much.

Mostly, though, we write about the lives of great men and women as inspiration for the living. When we read the way they touched the lives of others, we yearn to be bigger ourselves.

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