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Pundit Travels

Had to swoop through New York to hit a conference on Internet Publishing and now will zoom to Florida to pick up Mrs. Pundit and Pundit Kids and head out for a week of hard skiing in Park City, Utah. Actually it will only be hard skiing to the Pundit family because none of us ski.

The Pundit brother, Pundit sister, Pundit brother- and sister-in-law, Pundit nieces and nephews and the Poppa Pundit and Momma Pundit will all be there as well. Few of them ski either.

Pundit Jr. Primo — aka William — and Pundit Jr. Segundo — aka Matthew — have never seen snow and so that will be a fatherly treat to see them when they experience that.

Athletics and the Pundit have a very distant relationship, so there is a limit to how much skiing will be happening. We’ll be doing store tours in Salt Lake and if any Pundit readers think there is something we should see while we are out there, please let us know.

We’ve ordered a room with a view and will continue to send the Pundit out with a new perspective.

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