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Pundit Profiled In UK’s
Fresh Produce Journal

The Pundit arrived in Houston to find a little treat. FPJ or, as many still call it, Fresh Produce Journal, has been the weekly newspaper of the United Kingdom’s produce trade since 1895.

The well respected journal is edited by Tommy Leighton, who won praise for the cover story he wrote for Pundit sister publication, PRODUCE BUSINESS, on Tesco, which you can read here.

We arrived in Houston to find a profile of the Pundit written by FPJ Deputy Editor Laura Gould. The piece is entitled, “Prevor’s Perspective Not So Perishable,” and you can read it here.

We were flattered by the attention but also thrilled as the interview represented a kind of recognition of how widespread the readership of the Pundit has grown. With over 100 countries logging in regularly, there is not a moment at any time of the day or night when someone somewhere is not reading the Pundit.

What an opportunity to do some good. What a responsibility. May God grant us the wisdom to use the opportunity for the greater good and to be worthy of the responsibility.

Many thanks to the FPJ and its staff for the kind interview.

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