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Pundit Nominated For Business And Financial Journalism Award

We have been honored more than a few times for the work we’ve done, including winning the Jesse. H. Neal award and The Timothy White Award for Editorial Integrity.

Now we’ve been nominated for an award in a broader playing field. We just received word that several pieces we wrote for the online version of The Weekly Standard, a Washington, DC-based political magazine, have been nominated for a Gerald Loeb Award. Presented by the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the Loeb Award honors journalists who “make significant contributions to the understanding business, finance and the economy.”

Who was Gerald Loeb?

Gerald Loeb was a highly successful financier and founding partner of E.F. Hutton who made it his mission to educate individuals about finance, investments and economics. He first rose to prominence during the Great Depression, when skittish investors turned to his now-classic book, “The Battle for Investment Survival,” in which he outlined his buy-and-sell strategies.

Throughout his 40-year career on Wall Street, Loeb continued to offer his sometimes-contrarian wisdom through his books and regular columns in publications such as Barron’s. Loeb hoped to perpetuate quality reporting and writing for individual investors by leaving as his legacy the Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism

This is one of those awards you don’t dare hope to actually win. The nomination is sweet enough. The competitors in our category include a team of nine people from The Economist, David Pogue from The New York Times, and a world authority on auditors and auditing.

We do a lot of writing for publications other than those in the industry. Partly this is to keep ourselves sharp and make sure we can compete with the best out there. Partly, it is so those who read our pieces in the industry will know that it’s the “First String” playing.

Walt Disney used to say that people — as they walked around Disneyland — should always remember that this all started with a mouse. So when we are nominated or win something big, like this Loeb award, we accept it in honor of the industry because whatever we do, whatever we write, wherever it one day takes us, it all started with great-grandpa Jacob Prevor on the old Wallabout Produce Market in Brooklyn selling some fruit.

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