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Pundit Mailbag — Praising A Forum Where The Industry Can Make Itself Better

Our Pundit of April 7, 2015 featured four pieces:

Will Marketing Boost Sales Of Inconsistent Produce?
Industry Issue vs. Individual Opportunity

Bruce Peterson, Founder Of Wal-Mart Produce Program, Will Urge Industry To Rage Against Mediocrity, Value Experience Over Education, And Merchandise To Wow The Consumer At The London Produce Show And Conference

For Commentary Well-Thought;Events Well-Presented; A Life Well-Lived…
All In Service To An Industry Well-Loved

A Great Way Not To Get Hired

The issue attracted many comments, some of which we dealt with in pieces such as these:

Pundit’s Mailbag: Bruce Peterson Hits ‘Nail On The Head’ When It Comes To Retailers Hiring Credentials Over Experience

Pundit’s Mailbag — Branding, Private Label and TANSTAAFL

We also received notes that addressed the issue as a whole, such as this one:

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for this morning’s Perishable Pundit.  While reading, “What’s in a Brand”, I was reminded of the need to continue our push for flavor and taste in our discussions, even while we support brand campaigns like FNV. 

Bruce Peterson’s insight into our changing industry, especially the need to value experience, was very interesting and it is preoccupying my thoughts this morning at work.  I see so much opportunity for the supply side in that one trend.  I plan on sharing that interview with as many people at Valley as I can. 

Congratulations on winning the Jesse H. Neal Award, the FAME Awards Best International Event, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Eastern Produce Council.  I am so proud that our industry has you and PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine helping us better analyze ourselves so we can do a better job. 

Thank you, again, for the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the New York Produce Show last year.  It was a wonderful experience that helped me broaden my understanding of our industry, expand my business network, and to generally have a good time with friends.

You rock,

—Jin Ju Wilder
Director of Corporate Strategy
Valley Fruit and Produce Co.
Los Angeles, California

Jin Ju, you are making us blush!

What we have learned is that those who want to avoid discussion of industry problems cause resources to be wasted as less-than-optimal solutions are tried.

There really is more intelligence in all of us than in any one of us. If you take a look at our Pundit Interviews or Pundit Letters to the Editor, you see what great pride we can take in being a format where the industry can make itself better by airing public discussion and analysis on important industry issues.

We are proud to serve that role and thank Jin Ju for being willing to engage in order to help advance the industry.

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