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Produce Gets 60 Minutes Segment

CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney devoted one of his 60 Minutes commentaries to fresh produce. We wonder if Andy is reading the Pundit? His thesis:

From the time you’re very young, someone is always telling us to eat more fruit. Well, I think we would eat more fruit if we knew for sure that it was going to be any good when we bought it. So expensive.

We’ve run a number of pieces, including Lousy Fruit Undermines Consumption, Pundit’s Mailbag — More On Lousy Fruit: Where’s The Management? — and Ripening Workshop Set For May 20 — all of which dealt with issues of taste and ripening.

In this video Andy Rooney takes a trip to New York’s famed Fairway Market and takes an idiosyncratic tour of the store, highlighting his opinions on improvements in grapefruit, lemons, green apples, local strawberries, items he doesn’t know what to do with, melons that aren’t ripe, the pit of a mango, bags of bananas, good eating pears, stickers on fruit, the placement of tomatoes in the department, the mysterious pluot, stealing cherries and his curiosity about where future grapes will come from if they are all seedless.

Lots of brands get a shot, including Enza, Naturipe, Top Crop and Sun World. You can see the tape here:

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