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Policy On Letters To The Pundit

A Pundit thanks to Anthony Barbieri of Acme Markets. We received a request to run a photo and description of a child who was supposedly “missing” — the girl’s mother supposedly worked as a deli manager at Acme.

Here at the Pundit, we don’t run things that are just sent to us, so we called Anthony to see if this story was accurate.

Turned out it was wrong. The girl was never missing or kidnapped. It was some kind of prank. You can imagine the heartbreak news like this floating around can cause for a family.

So thanks to Anthony for setting us straight.

This gives us a good opportunity to explain our letter policy. We appreciate all letters and are certainly willing to read whatever we are sent.

If you don’t want your name published, just write: “Off the record” or “Deep Background” or “Don’t use my name,” and we will honor that request.

But we don’t publish anonymous letters if we don’t know where they came from.

As with this story of the little girl, we receive all kinds of stuff everyday, and it is our job at the Pundit to separate the legitimate from the illegitimate.

We can’t judge the legitimacy of an anonymous note so we will read it but can’t pass it on.

So, please, write us a letter. We can publish your name or keep it “off the record” if you need to, but understand that we can’t publish anonymous rumors.

Thanks and “keep those cards and letters coming.”

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