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PMA’s Produce Packaging Impact Award

Packaging is one of those things that everyone knows is important, but often gets taken for granted. Yet the fresh-cut boom of the last generation couldn’t have happened without proper packaging, and the environmental and sustainable agenda for the next generation depends crucially on effective packaging.

So it is no surprise that the PMA Packaging Council, under the leadership of Chairman Ron McCormick and Vice Chairman Dan’l Mackey Almy, spearheaded the development of a new award, to be announced at the PMA convention in October. The PMA Packaging Council is one of the many industry bodies in which people toil for the general welfare without much recognition. To let you see who is doing this work, we’ve run photographs of Council members below.

Ronald G. McCormick
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Dan’l Mackey-Almy
DMA-Solutions, Inc.
Mark Bassetti
Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.
Jeanne Clark
Pactiv Corporation
Philip Gruszka
Grimmway Farms
Fred Heptinstall
IFCO Systems
Roger Pepperl
Stemilt Growers, Inc.
Mike Ralston
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
David Rieser
David Rodgers
ORBIS Container Services
James Vangelos
Polymer Logistics
Eric Wexler
Tanimura & Antle

Amy Adams, Sysco Produce

Dwight Schmidt, Corrugated Packaging Alliance

Hugh Topper, HEB Grocery Company

Here is what the new award is all about:


Whether it is to catch a consumer’s eye and stand out on store shelves, to protect a product in transit and extend its shelf life, or to increase efficiencies with packaging that is more responsive to today’s needs — PMA believes that good packaging should not only be innovative, it should make an impact.


The Produce Marketing Association introduces the PMA Impact Award to recognize companies demonstrating innovation and imagination in produce packaging. With all the advancements in packaging that allows for greater creativity to meet and exceed customer demands, the Association wants to honor companies who have taken the initiatives to pioneer new applications in produce packaging.


  • Create industry excitement about produce packaging innovations
  • Increase awareness of the value packaging contributes to the competitive influence of produce within the supply chain
  • Create additional value to PMA members


  • Food Safety/Traceability
  • Marketing Design/Messaging
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality/Technology
  • Merchandising/Transportability


Any PMA member company engaged in fresh produce sales may have their packaging nominated for the award. All nominated packaging must be currently commercially traded.

The deadline for entries has been extended until August 15th, and you can enter right here.

Send in some good stuff. The Pundit was honored by a request to be one of the judges, so we will be looking out for some “knock your socks off” great ideas, expertly implemented.

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