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Pistachio Industry Sets Up
Website To Clear Companies

The pistachio industry has set up a Website at PistachioRecall.Org to keep the world informed of which brands are NOT implicated in the salmonella issue:

The CAL-PURE co-op of California pistachio growers (“CAL-PURE”) and the Western Pistachio Association (“WPA”) have created this consumer website to list the brands reported as not containing any pistachio products from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc, which has initiated a voluntary recall of pistachios due to potential contamination with the Salmonella organism.

The vast majority of pistachio products and foods containing pistachio products do not contain pistachios from Setton. A list of products not containing pistachios from Setton is set forth in the side bar. For a list of products affected by the recall, consumers should visit Consumers should go to company and brand websites for further information about specific products.

CAL-PURE and the WPA continue to work closely with regulators and industry leaders to monitor the progress and scope of the voluntary recall, with consumer health and safety as their primary concern. Given the fluid nature of the recall, this website will be revised and amended on an ongoing basis.

The website lists the following brands as “not implicated” in the salmonella issue:

·A&P Growers

·American Golden


·Berkley & Jensen Pistachios

·Braga Farms

·Braga Organic Farms

·Cal Delights

·Cal Fruit and Nut

·Country Best


·Curry & Associates

·CVS Gold Emblem Natural Pistachios

·CVS Gold Emblem Pistachio Kernels

·Divine Organics

·Doug Braga

·Eagle Ranch Pistachios

·Eden Organic

·Everybody’s Nuts Pistachios

·Futters Nut Butter

·Garvey Nut


·Golden Orchards Pistachios

·Gust Picoulas Nut Company

·Harris Ranch

·Heart of the Desert

·Horizon Growers

·Keenan Farms

·Kirkland Everybody’s Nuts


·La Montanita Food

·Living Intentions

·Maisie Jane’s


·Marra Bros.

·Melace Family

·Meridian Nut Growers

·Monarch Nut Company

·Mount Hope

·Natural Lee

·Nichols Farms

·Nichols Pistachio

·Nutland Nut Crunch

·Nuts and Spice

·Paramount Farms

·Pistachio Corporation of Arizona

·Primex Farms

·Rosetti Fine Foods

·Royal Himalayan

·Sam’s International

·San Joaquin Valley Farms

·Santa Barbara Pistachio Company


·Sherman Thomas Ranch

·Sierra View Farms

·Smith & Sons Pistachios

·Snack Club


·Southern Grove

·Specialty Commodities

·Steve’s Pistachios

·Sunkist Pistachios

·Sunridge Farms

·Ted’s Pistachios

·The Nutty Gourmet

·Todd’s Treats

·Wonderful Pistachios

·Yurosek Farms

It is a good effort, but a lot of the consumer confusion revolves around manufactured products. What brands of pistachio ice cream did not buy pistachios from Setton? Perhaps the industry could expand the Web site to focus on these more problematic manufacturers.

You can check out the effort here.

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