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Photos Reveal Avocado Damage From Freeze

A hat tip to Laurie Hill and Jan DeLyser of the California Avocado Commission, who forwarded these pictures of freeze damage from Scott Mather, a California avocado grower. Scott shot the photos in and around his ranch, the Stony Creek Ranch in Morro Bay, California. Scott explains the situation:

“I probably lost 70 percent of my fruit for this year.

Some of the others lost 100 percent, no doubt about it.

If it burnt back the new bud wood that would support the flowers this spring for the 2008 harvest, then there will be very little fruit from our area in 2008, so it’s a two year affect.

The higher up you are the better off, because the cold air settles to the bottom and collects. I was better off because of the hillside.”

You can find updated information on how the freeze has impacted the avocado industry right here and an updated release from Governor Schwarzenegger extending the state of emergency to additional counties right here.

Damage at Mac Farms

A hedge row of dead avocado trees at Urghuart Ranch

Scott Mather’s Stony Creek Ranch

A damaged tree with fruit still hanging

This recent replant didn’t make it.

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