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On To Berlin

The Pundit is busy preparing to visit Berlin for the first time. We are going to attend Fruit Logistica — a produce industry trade fair. With 1,800 exhibitors expected from over 60 countries and 40,000 attendees from 110 countries, it is a giant event.

We’ve never been there before but it has been growing in importance for some time, and this year the Pundit, along with sister publication PRODUCE BUSINESS, will be exhibiting.

If you are going to be in Berlin please get in touch. You can use the contact numbers and e-mails on the Perishable Pundit site, visit us at our booth 25/D-05a or contact the Swissotel Berlin where the Pundit will be staying.

We’ll let you know what we think when we see it first hand.

Typically we like going to foreign shows. There is less specific business to be done which means more time for really looking and learning.

Here is a start: Fruit Logistica runs an innovation award contest. Anyone attending gets a vote. E-mail the Pundit a reason to cast his vote for your favorite:

Product   apéribilles
Company   Pom’Alliance, Orly, France
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 1.2 Stand B-12

This convenience product involves small potatoes, which can be prepared and cooked quickly in a microwave oven for eating as a snack or starter. Aperibilles currently come with a choice of two different sauces in 20 g portions. The packing does not have to be pierced before being placed in the microwave, and cooking time is 3 minutes. Alternatively, the potatoes can be boiled normally for 10 minutes.

Aperibilles are an ideal snack for the whole family. The small potatoes are very populary with children and a good way to provide healthy appetizing snacks. With only 87 kcal per 100g they cater for the growing demand for healthy and convenient snack products.

The packed weight is 250 g with ca. 25 mm calibre potatoes. Potato varieties used include Amandine, Anoe, and Maris Peer. First introduced October 2006.

Product   Attractive Street Markets
Company   Grossmarkt Hannover GmbH, Hannover, Germany
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 4.2 Stand E-13

“Attractive Street Markets“ is a new marketing concept, which aims to help and encourage street markets to become even more attractive for shoppers. The central idea is to combine regular and continuous advertising with a range of special offers provided by the street traders. In this way, street markets will be in a position to offer special incentives to actively attract shoppers who do not regularly shop there.

Each individual street market is provided with its own “corporate identity” in the form of personalised flags, banners and signs which give details of the relevant opening days. A marketing plan is also developed for each individual market which calculates potential turnover and sales opportunities.

Local supermarkets as well as local authority services are brought into and included in the concept so that the campaign has benefits for the entire neighbourhood.

Attractive street markets promote trade in general as well as increasing consumer spending in the inner city and other metropolitan areas to the benefit of all retailers. First introduced June 2006.

Product   Boxidea Box 2,3 kg
Company   Maderfibra S.L., Valencia, Spain
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 1.1 Stand D-10

The 2.3 kg Boxidea Box is designed to improve many of the features of the traditional wooden tray or crate. The external measurements guarantee optimal use of space when stacking on pallets, as well as permitting the use of strapping or net meshing and reinforcement corners. The design also takes into account the products’ need for adequate ventilation and cooling during transportation. When stacked, the design of the box ensures a minimum distance of 5 mm between units, enhancing air flow and keeping the product fresh. The design also guarantees an excellent fit with neighbouring boxes. The intelligent design also means that the product itself is well protected. There is plenty of space for branding and product presentation, and not least the customer is able to carry the box and its contents using the specially constructed lid.

An important advantage for the trade is that the box can be assembled in the customer’s own warehouse using a patented assembly system which makes the needs for clamps and glue unnecessary.

The box is made from 100% recycled material which is also 100% bio-degradable, and requires minimum energy consumption during production.

External measurements are 297,20 x 196,54 mm. Internal measurements are 285 x 185 mm. First introduced in September 2006.

Product   Juliet® apple variety
Company   Les Amis de Juliet® — Escande Plants
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 1.2 Stand C-14a

Juliet® is a new variety of bi-coloured apple with striped red dominating on a yellow background. It is a very juicy variety with a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma, and is the only apple variety which is grown exclusively using organic production methods.

Production is scheduled to increase in the coming years. 250 t were produced in 2006/2007, and volumes will more than double each year to reach 2,500 t by the 2009/2010 season. From 2007 onwards, it will be grown not only in France but also in Italy and New Zealand. Juliet® is a club variety which may only be cultivated by growers belonging to the association “Les Amis de Juliet®.”

This new variety is available in sizes 65/70 to 80/85 and in different types of packaging from standard cartons to one- or two-layer trays, or wooden punnets containing 4 or 6 apples.

A wide range of promotional material is available for use at point of sale which also provides consumer information. Marketing and distribution is carried out by the association “Les Amis de Juliet®, which is also responsible for monitoring production and packaging among member organisations. First introduced November 2005.

Product   Masterlabel
Company   Masterpack spa, Monvalle, Italy
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 2.2 Stand A-13

Masterlabel is a reclosable label system using an antifog film for packing vegetables in bags which the consumer can reclose after opening. The reclosable label can be used on film of up to 1200 mm width and in any pitch size. Using laser perforation, the shelflife of the product can also be extended by several days.

Masterlabel is the first product of its kind, which allows the consumer to open and close the bag several times, maintaining product freshness and aroma, without increasing costs unduly. It is also compatible with any vertical filling or horizontal flow-pack machine without further modification.

Both the bag and the reclosable label can be individualised and printed with brand designs or product information. First introduced August 2006.

Product   mon bébé mange bio
Company   Alterbio, Perpignan, France
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 1.2 Stand A-07

“mon bébé mange bio” means “my baby eats organic”. The concept behind this product is to make it easier for young families to choose, buy and prepare fruit and vegetables, which are appropriate to the diet of very young children. ”mon bébé mange bio” is a special product for babies, reflecting on the one hand the trend towards healthy eating via organic production, and on the other hand the trend towards convenient, pre-packed products. The concept involves Flow-Pack trays with a mixture of organically grown fruit and vegetable varieties to a total weight of 600 g.

The trays are available in various mixes suitable for babies aging from 6 to 18 months. The product is not only very environmentally friendly. The packaging also helps to retain vitamins and minerals.

“mon bébé mange bio” has so far only been available in French supermarkets. However, the slogan and the idea can be easily translated for other markets. First introduced July 2006.

Product   Red Flame
Company   Agrisemen B.V., Breda, Netherlands
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 5.2 Stand C-19

Red Flame is the first red pointed cabbage variety to be grown for the commercial market. The variety has an attractive red colour, even after cooking, as well as a sweet taste and excellent flavour characteristics. It can be cooked or used fresh in salad mixes, for example as a substitute for red radicchio. Heads weigh between 600 g and 1000 g.

When first introduced it was sold as full heads in UK supermarkets. From 2007 it will be available in other European countries, and will begin to be used widely in pre-packed fresh cut salad mixes. First introduced December 2005.

Product   Reichenau Tomato Varieties
Company   Reichenau-Gemüse eG, Reichenau, Germany
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 2.1 Stand C-15

Growers from the island of Reichenau in Germany have specially selected 11 different tomato varieties for their very differing size, shape, colour and taste to provide an attractive and novel mixed tomato selection for the consumer. The mixed pack introduces the customer to a whole new range of interesting tomato varieties as well as providing an ideal snack for the whole family. The novelty of the product and the different tomato varieties are also especially attractive to children.

Different tomato varieties have been carefully selected and presented in a specially developed 500 g tray made from corrugated cardboard. All 11 tomato varieties are present in each individual tray, and ten trays are packed together in a 60 x 40 cm box. The size and content of the individual tray have been specially chosen to suit the needs of the smaller household as well as providing a fun snack for the larger family.

The Reichenau Tomato Varieties concept offers a regional product grown exclusively on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance. In contrast to normal methods of cultivation, Reichenau tomatoes are grown exclusively in natural soil. First introduced June 2006.

Product   Vitamini’s
Company   FresQ / Rainbow Growers Group, De Lier, Netherlands
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 3.2 Stand D-06

Vitamini´s are mini-vegetables such as snack cucumbers, snack sweet peppers, or cocktail tomatoes presented as individual snack portions in individual packs. The sweet peppers and cucumbers are unique in their size, and are ready to eat as a snack without the need for washing or slicing. The package involves a pre-printed plastic bag with a square base, and is therefore also suitable for vending machines.

Vitamini´s are intended to provide a healthy snack alternative in schools, at petrol stations, kiosks, supermarkets or sport studios.

The three different vegetable varieties are very tasty. The mini sweet peppers and tomatoes are very sweet tasting and the mini cucumbers juicy and refreshing. In the bag they stay fresh for at least a week.

Vitamini’s cucumber snack: 3 cucumbers of approx. 10 cm per bag. Vitamini’s sweet pepper snack: 2 sweet peppers of approx. 7 cm per bag. Vitamini’s cocktail tomato snack: 120 g cocktail tomatoes per bag.
First introduced July 2006.

Product   Windtofresh
Company   Van der Windt Verpakking BV,
Honselersdijk, Netherlands
Stand   For more information please visit us —
Hall 5.2 Stand B-04

Windtofresh is a packaging concept that keeps cut flowers fresh from grower to consumer without the need for water. The Windtofresh sleeve has a specially sealed, built-in reservoir containing Flower Transport Gel (FTG) that keeps cut flowers fresh by providing moisture and nutrition and preventing bacterial growth.

Windtofresh gel sleeves are available in BOPP film quality, size 59 x 47 x 12 cm, unprinted or in pink or green. Flower Transport Gel (FTG) is available in containers of 10 or 25 litres.

According to the manufacturer, the Windtofresh concept can reduce transport costs by as much as 40 to 70%, since ready cut bouquets can now be transported by ship. The cost of onward shipment by lorry can also be reduced as the flowers do not have to be transported in heavy water containers. At point of sale, the bouquets take up less floor space for the same reason, and can even be presented horizontally at eye level for a more effective presentation. They are also easier to handle with less work and less attention required from sales staff. The easier handling at retail level also means that fresh flowers can be sold at more non-specialist outlets.

For consumers, the cut flowers can be easily carried in a shopping bag or on the back seat of a car, and then placed directly with the gel in a vase of water at home. First introduced November 2006.

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