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On The Front Lines, MIKE ROBERTS Of Harps Provides Glimpse Of What’s Happening

Mike Roberts
Director of Produce Operations
Harps Food Stores, Inc.
Springdale, Arkansas


Q: What items are currently selling and which are not selling as much — and why? What is driving sales of these items? How do you anticipate this will change in the next few weeks and what are you doing and planning as a result?

A: Potatoes, onions and carrots are leading the way. Citrus came on strong last week. People are cooking at home more and snacking at home more as well. I anticipate this trend to continue.

Q: With a downturn in foodservice demand currently, how have you as a retailer been able to respond to supply your customers? For example, are you selling more produce via online?

A: Instacart orders are up significantly.

Q: What is most important to you at this time in working with your grower/shippers/wholesalers?

A: Keeping the strong partnerships we have.


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