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Naturipe’s Executive Team Complete

With a little over a year having passed since Bruce Peterson left Wal-Mart, we’ve still had many occasions to think about Bruce’s role in the industry. We have, in fact, mentioned Bruce many times in pieces such as these:

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Wal-Mart Post Peterson

Of course, since becoming CEO at Naturipe, Bruce’s attentions have been focused there. In recent days he has been especially engaged at building his executive team, now including a roster of industry luminaries such as Don Harris and Robert Verloop.

Michael McCartneyNow we have learned that Michael McCartney will be joining Naturipe Farms as Vice President of Operations effective April 1. He has been working with the company as a consultant since January 1, and that arrangement will end on March 31.

This mean’s that Naturipe’s executive team is now assembled.

Michael had been Bruce’s partner in the traceability initiative, which the two launched during Bruce’s brief retirement.

We had a discussion with Michael that we published under the title, Getting A Better Grasp On Traceability He is knowledgeable and able to find simplicity in complexity. We wish Michael, Bruce and everyone at Naturipe good fortune.

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