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Mickey Kaus Might Not Win But, If We Are Lucky, He Will Get People To Think

June 8th is a primary in California, and with the produce industry being so heavy in California, the prospects for industry prosperity depend crucially on California finding a way to resolve its fiscal problems and dealing with a government that has basically stopped functioning.

One of the more interesting candidates for office is one who is highly unlikely to win, but his seemingly Quixotic campaign might wind up having an important long term impact.

Mickey Kaus is a writer who established one of the very first political blogs in the country. He is a liberal and a Democratic and is running in the Democratic primary opposing incumbent US Senator Barbara Boxer.

We’ve followed him for years and he was quite important in pushing Democrats to think seriously about welfare reform. Now his campaign is essentially based on a contention that the Democratic party is structurally weak and so has been taken over by its most organized supporters — notably unions.

Mickey Kaus believes the party has to spring free of such special interests to better serve the more general interest.

He has no money, no biography that would make him credible, and he acknowledges he won’t win — but, as Victor Hugo said, “There is no force more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” And one thing Mickey Kaus has is ideas. If he gets a fair number of votes despite the many burdens his campaign carries, it might get people thinking. Here is the commercial he shot:

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