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Michael T. Osterhom Speaks Out On a Matter of Public Health Concern: Peeps!

Dr. Michael T. Osterholm is no stranger to Pundit readers. He is one of the rare experts in public health who was willing to break ranks and publicly critique the FDA when it was running an incompetent investigation into the salmonella Saintpaul outbreak of June 2008.

He made this courageous statement here in the Pundit. We titled the piece SPECIAL EDITION VII Salmonella/Tomato Outbreak — Frank Talk And Analysis. Dr. Michael Osterholm, Esteemed Authority On Public Health, Speaks Frankly About The FDA, The CDC And The Incompetent Management of the Salmonella Saintpaul Tomato Outbreak Investigation.

Dr. Osterholm is widely recognized as the world’s leading public health expert on influenza and a world class authority on food safety. Following his piece in the Pundit, we presented Dr. Osterholm with an award for courage that we have not seen fit to give to anyone since.


Yet, taking oneself too seriously is the occupational hazard for people of great authority and achievement. We came across this video and are pleased to be able to report that Dr. Osterholm remains immunized against pomposity:


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