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Marketing Board Make-up Causes Concern

Yesterday we ran California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Board which listed the thirteen initial appointees to this board.

Whereas prior to the announcement we heard from many looking for a more diverse board in terms of scientific knowledge and consumer advocacy, now that the names are out we’ve been hearing complaints all day that the grower has been shortchanged.

Although the companies listed may be substantial growers, the individuals selected are heavily weighted toward top management, finance and marketing.

A.G. Kawamura, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, made the appointments. Although he is well liked, he made this decision without articulating a reason.

Many of the people on the board are captains of the industry, so it is not a question of if they will do good job or not. But many seem to feel like the selections were made by company name and, maybe, a lot of grower names don’t have the same prominence.

It is growers who will have to implement this, so some voices at the table are merited.

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