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Lobbying For Better Refrigeration

We’ve been dealing a lot with the Bolthouse botulism problem on 100% carrot juice. You can see our coverage right here.

Sometimes our industry lobbyists can do the trade the best service by working on issues outside the specific purview of our industry. In light of all the publicity that has been tied to the botulism problem on 100% carrot juice and the need on many fresh-cuts and other products to sustain a cold chain, how about lobbying for a law that requires new home refrigerators to have built-in thermometers and the ability to set the actual temperature as opposed to just a wheel that you can spin to get “colder” or “warmer”?

Consumers are the last link in the food safety chain. They should have the tools needed to do a good job.

Going along with this, merely saying “keep refrigerated” on a label is insufficient. Labels should be required to give specific temperatures: “Keep refrigerated at or below 35 degrees”… or whatever is required.

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