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Link Away!

We’ve gotten a number of inquiries asking if it is O.K. to link to our web site. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! In fact we encourage it.

There are two basic ways to link to the site. If you maintain a general list of industry resources on your web site and would like to list us, simply link to our home page:

This will always bring people to the latest Pundit where they can search the archives, subscribe, read the latest, etc.

If, however, there is a particular article you would like to link to, please note that on the bottom of every story there is a group of words, one of which is the word Link.

If you click on Link a new web page will open up. If you go to the top of your browser window and cut and paste that URL, you will have a permanent link to that particular article.

You will wind up with a string that looks something like this (all on one line)

We aim to be a repository of information and insight about all facets of the trade, so feel free to share awareness of the Pundit and specific information from the Pundit on your own web site.


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