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Joe Nucci, Tip Murphy And Opportunities To Play Golf, Raise Money And Honor Two Good Men

It is summer and in many parts of the country that is golf time. It is also a time that PMA’s Foundation for Industry Talent uses golf as a mechanism to raise funds to do good works in honor of two respected and much missed individuals who were active in PMA and the broader industry.

This Friday, in conjunction with PMA’s Annual Foodservice Conference, the 2010 PMA Foundation for Industry Talent Golf Tournament, which benefits the Nucci Scholarship for Culinary Innovation, is scheduled for the Bayonet Blackhorse Golf Course.

Joe Nucci died at only 40 years old while on vacation with his family in Disney World in 2005. He was in line to become Chairman of PMA and was President and CEO at Mann Packing.

His loss is felt every day and this tournament, held in the “world’s salad bowl” where Joe grew up and lived and worked, is a small way of remembering Joe and of supporting the values of innovation that he so strongly represented.

We wrote about Joe’s passing here.

And the first golf tournament here.


This year it is also time to celebrate the life of another industry member taken from us all too soon. The second annual Tip Murphy Memorial Golf Tournament will be taking place on Monday, September 20, 2010, at the Oasis Golf Club in Loveland, Ohio.

The tournament is sponsored by the Tip Murphy Legacy Fund, which was created by Ready Pac, Chiquita, Paramount Citrus and Naturipe Farms, to honor the life and career of Terrence “Tip” Murphy, a 15-year veteran of the produce industry.

Tournament proceeds support the Tip Murphy Scholarship for Leadership Excellence, a scholarship program managed by the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent to aid industry professionals seeking to advance their leadership skills and better serve the industry. The scholarship winner is awarded full registration and associated hotel expenses to one PMA or PMA Foundation for Industry Talent leadership event.

Registration is now open. You can get all the details here.

We wrote about Tip’s passing and the launch of the scholarship fund here.

Golf tournaments always strike us as particularly nice ways to remember those industry members who have left us. The friendly competition and the small group play all seem especially appropriate to the kinds of relationships the industry at large had with these giants.

Then, afterwards, there is always a chance to tell a few stories and raise a glass to a dear departed friend.

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