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Innovation Is The Hallmark Of New York And The New York Produce Show

The City of New York ranks Number One of all American cities in the global Innovation Cities index. So it’s a great place to host an event focused on innovation, and that is really the hallmark of The New York Produce Show and Conference. It is useful to think of the three P’s when thinking of innovation.

Sometimes innovation is about product and, at The New York Produce Show and Conference, we will recognize the winners of the PRODUCE BUSINESS Innovation Award and, then, the Joe Nucci Award for Product Innovation will be given to one of those winners for its innovation in product development in the service of increasing consumption. And, of course, the Trade Show and New Product Showcase are both chock full of interesting and innovative products, all in search of a home at retail and foodservice and, ultimately, with consumers.

Sometimes innovation is about people, and from the University Interchange Program, to the Foundational Excellence program done in conjunction with Cornell University, to the Culinary Student Program, on to Educational Micro Sessions, industry tours and, of course, the Perishable Pundit’s Thought-Leader Breakfast, practically the whole of the event is focused on helping people open their minds to be innovative – new ideas, new ways of thinking.

Even the networking events and the trade show are mostly about creating a modern-day version of the Greek Agora or Roman Forum where members of the trade gather to exchange ideas, discuss industry issues, share best practices and market intelligence, all in the service of finding innovative ways to develop personally, grow their organizations and build the future of this quite extraordinary industry.

Sometimes innovation is about process – how do you make things happen, what institutions and processes are needed to advance?  And here, The New York Produce Show and Conference stands as an exemplar par excellence, for it is itself the result of an innovative collaboration between the Eastern Produce Council and PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine.

The industry has many association events and many private sector events, but only The New York Produce Show and Conference combines the best of both worlds. It does so in an innovative fashion connecting the networks, intelligence and aspirations of two organizations, both dedicated to a goal of elevating the industry and, specifically, to creating a time and place whereby the industry can learn, connect and grow. When we talk about developing ways to innovate, well, we’ve actually done it!

So, we have taken this focus on innovation, broken it down to the three p’s of Product, People and Process and created something unique in the world: The largest fixed-site produce event in the Western Hemisphere, yet an event of intimacy, in which relationships both establish and deepen, a gathering of thought- and practice-leaders that elevate and inspire all who engage.

There are great things that happen in this industry all across the country and all around the world, but what we do at The New York Produce Show and Conference is pay homage to New York as a great innovation city and that…. well, that happens as we like to say… ONLY IN NEW YORK!

Today’s Pundit is dedicated to giving our readers a sneak preview of some of the happenings at The New York Produce Show and Conference. We hope you’ll be a part of the event.

You can check out our event websites here:

You can register for the event right here.

We hope to see you… and have you be a part of the things that happen… ONLY IN NEW YORK!

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