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Industry Veterans And Rising Stars Volunteer To Lead
University Interchange Mentorship Program

We have run many pieces about the content that will enrich The New York Produce Show and Conference this year:

Bringing Produce To New Markets: Opportunities And Obstacles In The New Retail Environment…
St. Joseph Food Marketing Guru John Stanton Gives Featured Presentation At The New York Produce Show And Conference

A Farmer’s Daughter Speaks Out: Amy Myrdal Miller Dishes On How Menu Planning May Be The Key To Upping Produce Usage In Foodservice

Regional Tours At The New York Produce Show And Conference — Hunts Point Stands Out!

In Great Turmoil Is Hidden Great Opportunity Is Now The Time To Invest In Puerto Rico’s Agricultural Sector? Gualberto Rodriguez Of Caribbean Produce Exchange Tells Us Why He’s ‘All In’ At The Global Trade Symposium

What’s in  A Word? Sell By, Use By, Best By And Fresh By.. Can A Word Alter Food Waste Significantly?
Cornell’s Brad Rickard Speaks Out

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market: Young Faces Building A Modern Market
A Tour At The New York Produce Show

The ‘Big Squeeze’ in the UK Market Simon Martin Of QV Foods Group And The FPC Speaks Out: Getting Past Selling Below The Cost Of Production

The Disruption Of Established Markets: How Four Strategies Can Help Transcend Today’s Dilemmas
Can Retailers Show A Little Love For Produce Marketing? Dutch Marketer Nic Jooste Will Share His Thoughts On Swimming Upstream At The Global Trade Symposium

Setting Producers Free — Production Agriculture And The Regulatory Burden: Can States Help Northeast Production Thrive? Are They Inclined To Do So?

FMI’s Deep Dive Into The Power of Produce: Research On Consumer Behavior Before, During And After Purchase To Be Discussed At New York Produce Show

ROBERTA COOK OF UC DAVIS SPEAKS OUT: Lower Trade Barriers Create New Opportunities But Also More Competition… How Much Will The TPP Matter?

BEYOND SURVIVAL: HOW TO TURN DISTRUPTIONS INTO OPPORTUNITIES Capespan’s Johan Dique Discusses Disintermediation And Defines A Path Forward 

Opportunity Alert: It’s Not your Father’s Wholesale Industry Anymore! UK Wholesaler Richard Thompson Addresses Global Trade Symposium…How Disruptive Forces Make Wholesalers An Effective Portal For Market Access

JOHN BAYLES — AN AMERICAN IN TOKYO: Food Safety, Trust, Patience, Avoiding Change And 
Doing What You Say You Are Going To Do; Seizing Opportunities As The TPP Shifts The Focus To The Japanese Market

UNIVERSITY HEAVYWEIGHT PUTS SCIENCE BEHIND OPTIMIZED GLEANING SCHEDULES: Cornell’s Miguel Gómez Talks About How The Produce Industry Can Put Itself On The Side Of The Angels By Reducing Food Waste While Helping The Hungry

Marketing Produce To Consumers, New Varieties And GMOs Wrapped Into One Seminar By Cornell’s Brad Rickard At The Foundational Excellence Program 

Each year, we also like to give a special hat tip to those who have agreed to help educate and inspire the young people who make up the future of the industry.

We have a special culinary program that is mentored by professional chefs at both Le Cordon Blue of Chicago and Johnson & Wales.

Plus we have two additional programs that reach out to students and young professionals. Our University Interchange Program introduces the produce industry to students and faculty at Cornell University, Rutgers University St. Joseph’s University, University of Connecticut, University of Delaware, Newcastle University from the UK and the University of Gastronomic Sciences from Italy.

New this year is the Foundational Excellence program, which helps people of any age with less than five years’ experience in the produce industry.

Both programs contain special industry panels, and we would like to salute the people who are making this all happen:



John W. ‘Jack’ Allen
Michigan State Professor Emeritus



Linda Allen
Co- Chairman
International Marketing Consultant





Tenley Allen
Marketing Manager
Fresh Direct
Long Island City, New York




Rich Dachman
Vice President of Produce
Sysco Corporation
Houston, Texas




Johan Dique
Group Managing Director
Capespan Group Limited
North Belville, South Africa




Reggie Griffin
Reggie Griffin Strategies
Hilton Head, South Carolina




Stefanie Katzman
Corporate Secretary
S. Katzman Produce
Bronx, New York




Bruce Peterson
Peterson Insights
Bentonville, Arkansas





Andreas Schindler
Sales and Purchase Manager
Pilz Schindler
Hamburg, Germany




Dick Spezzano
Spezzano Consulting Service, Inc.
Monrovia, California




Eric Stone
Produce Merchant
Fresh Direct
Long Island City, New York




Salinas, California



Many thanks to these industry members who give so generously of their time to help support the future of the industry.

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