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Increasing Produce Consumption One “Hot Banana S’More” At A Time

An obvious hole in the produce industry’s public communications is that nobody has taken up the banner of promoting fresh produce based on anything other than its health-related qualities.

We have never understood the point of transforming such wonderfully diverse and delicious products into medicine, and we would further say that the evidence is slim indeed that this kind of marketing by the produce trade boosts consumption.

Let us suggest an alternative that is far more likely to succeed. The Pundit family spent Labor Day weekend with family up north. Among other things, this meant time around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores. Yet the real winner around the fire pit was a produce item.

In the accompanying photo, you see Jr. Pundit Primo, aka William, enjoying a “Hot Banana S’More” —  you take a banana, slice it lengthwise with the peel still on, stuff the banana with marshmallows, chocolate, crumbled Graham crackers and other delicacies, wrap it in aluminum foil, throw it on the flame and let it all congeal to a yummy goo. Take it out of the fire and, well, you look at William’s face and you see the enthusiasm with which the results are received.

In choosing to not promote things such as this because – horrors – the recipe includes marshmallows or chocolate, the industry is fighting for market share with one hand tied behind our collective back. 

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