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Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum: Chef Nick Gonring And Gordon Food Service Unveil Crucial Post-Pandemic Research

Great News!

One of the highlights of The New York Produce Show and Conference is the annual Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum. A unique program that serves the tripartite community of operators, distributors and producers— in a combined effort to increase fresh produce consumption.

We integrate an outreach to culinary students, this year focused on the two campuses of Johnson & Wales.

At this moment in time, as the foodservice industry looks to move forward following pandemic lows, it is imperative to find ways to use the increased health consciousness of Americans, instilled during the pandemic, to increase the menu focus on fresh produce and to, overall, boost the use of fresh produce in the foodservice channel.

For many years we’ve been fortunate to have Chef Gerry Ludwig who was with Gordon Food Service share results of ”on the street” research he did in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles too identify food and dining trends as they relate to fresh produce.

Now that baton has been passed to Chef Nick Gonring and he has generously agreed to run with it and present insights from the tri-city research at the Foodservice Forum.

Chef Nick brings his own perspective to this. He has a three year old child. He is an IRONMAN All World Athlete…and a shareholder in the Green Bay Packers!

This post-pandemic research would show many changes just due to changes in circumstance and the passage of time, but, we suspect, that a youthful perspective will also lead to differences in anlysis and we are excited to his take.

We’re going to do a ‘sneak preview’ of his presentation before the show — so keep your eyes out — but wanted to thank Chef Nick and Gordon Food Service for making this possible.

If you are already registered for The New York Produce Show and Conference but want to add the Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum, just let us know here.

If you need to register for the whole event, you can do so at this link.

The Foodservice Forum is held at the Hilton, on Thursday, December 16, if you would like to book a room at the headquarters Hilton Hotel, just let us know here.

You can check out the NY Produce show and conference website here.

And the foodservice Forum website at this link.

Come be a part of the effort to reignite the use of fresh produce in foodservice, be a part of the Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum at The New York Produce Show and Conference!

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