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Housekeeping Announcements

If you were wondering why I didn’t link to The Wall Street Journal article in the previous story, it is the Pundit’s policy — in order to create as seamless an experience as possible for readers — to eschew links with sites that require payment or registration. I won’t say I will never, ever, ever do it. But it is a pain in the neck, so I’ll try darn hard to avoid it.

Also, now that we are on Day Three of the Pundit, I draw everyone’s attention to the Archive button on the left side of the page. If you miss a day, you can always go to the Archive and retrieve the missed day’s Pundit.

Also note the Search button, where you can search every written word in the Pundit if you are doing important research or just looking to be witty at cocktail parties. Did you ever try a Pomtini?

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