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Hawaii Five-0

The Pundit is leaving Saturday for a special trip. We’ve had occasion to discuss the Pundit Poppa and Pundit Mom in this space before. Now we can combine them as their 50th wedding anniversary is coming up in January, and to celebrate that as well as the Pundit Pop’s recovery from leukemia via a stem cell transplant from his identical twin brother, the whole Prevor clan — almost 40 strong — is heading to the Grand Wailea in Maui for our own personal celebration.

Fifty years together isn’t that common in our society and as every parent learns fast, children learn more from what they see than from what you say. The Pundit and his siblings have been blessed with an example of love and devotion, of mutual commitment and tenacity, that has provided a daily dose of inspiration whenever things have been tough.

Between now and New Year’s, as is our practice each year, we will be running Pundit Classics — selections of columns we think are worth a second look. Of course, you can always use the search function or can use the archives to catch columns you may have missed during the year. And we will keep our eyes and ears open if a special edition is called for.

If you are in Maui over the holidays, feel free to come have a Mai-Tai with us. Wherever you are, please do this Pundit a favor and raise a glass to Roslyn and Michael Prevor. They danced together at Mom’s Sweet Sixteen back in Brooklyn, and they have managed to hold hands as they have traveled long and far from where they came. They have seen a world transformed — space travel, the internet, CDs, DVDs, stem cell transplants — while they built a family out of pure love.

The Jr. Pundits and the Pundit nephews and nieces will all be there, and we hope they will get a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa because what better way is there for mere parents to teach their children about the power that comes from deciding to not give up.

This Pundit doesn’t give up either, but the occupational hazard of Punditry is excessive intellectual output, so we are looking forward to recharging the batteries and coming back bursting with new ideas to help this industry move ahead in 2008.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.

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