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Great Deal At The
Refrigerated Foods Association Convention

Despite all the news about fresh produce, most food safety issues involve other perishable items. And the association to help people in the prepared, refrigerated food field is the Refrigerated Foods Association. We’ve written previously to urge appropriate folks to check out their conference.

Now we are told about a special deal that new manufacturing members can take advantage of:

In an effort to drive membership, we are offering a special promotion for new manufacturing members. We are giving one free registration to the RFA Conference to any company that joins as a new manufacturing member before January 17th. That is a savings of $795 on the conference registration!

This applies only to companies that would join under our Manufacturer category (meaning they manufacture prepared, refrigerated foods). It does not include suppliers/associates (companies that produce packaging, equipment, ingredients, etc.)

Well that is a great deal, and the RFA Conference is an outstanding event — well worth attending at full price. You can catch the details about the conference right here.

If you fit the criteria, time to get off the fence and sign up. Every day you don’t is a decision to not have access to as much information as your competitors.

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