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From New York To New England, Always Something Good To Do

The New York Produce Show and Conference attracted many association executives, including one from neighboring New England, who sent a sweet note:

GREAT SHOW!! We had a great time and the show was a success! I particularly enjoyed the breakfast session with Theresa Nolan and the Retail “Thought Leaders” Panel. Kudos!!

Laura Sullivan — Laura Sullivan
Executive Director
New England Produce Council
Burlington, Massachusetts

Many thanks to Laura for her kind words. Of course, it was Paul Kneeland, VP Produce/Floral at Kings Super Markets and Chairman of the conference committee for the Eastern Produce Council, who worked hand in hand with Laura to launch the New England Produce Council Expo. The Pundit was proud to be the first keynote speaker at that event in its launch year, and Pundit sister publication, PRODUCE BUSINESS, has, along with the council, presented the New England Produce Retailer of the Year award for the past 6 years. Take a look at the past winners:

Domenick D’Antuono

Mike Giza

Paul Kneeland

Mike Maguire

Jack Salamon

Will Wedge

The folks in New England are always doing something good. If you are in the region, note that Bryan Silbermann, President and CEO of the Produce Marketing Association, is the headliner for the NEPC’s first event of the new year — a dinner on January 6.

Call it “Bryan in Boston.” You can register for the event here.

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