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Fresh & Easy In A Town Near You

We’ve written extensively about Tesco’s journey to America as fresh & Easy. Now, just by chance, we almost simultaneously received a request from both a big retailer and a large supplier for a list of Fresh & Easy locations. The information is publicly available through press releases, a map on the Fresh & Easy website and observational methods.

It wasn’t, however, available in a nice list form, so we put it together.

The spreadsheet includes several tabs. One is a master of all locations, then one each for Arizona, Nevada, northern California, central California and southern California. We also added a tab called “disputed,” for stores that might have been announced at some point but seem to have disappeared.

There are 37 stores in the Northern California region that are simply listed as “Future store,” as Fresh & Easy announced that it was indefinitely postponing its move into Northern California — though, of course, it is presumably stuck paying rent on the stores it leased.

Many stores are still listed as “coming soon,” but one never knows.

In any case, we thought many in the industry might appreciate having access to such a list, so we make it available with our compliments. You can find the spreadsheet here.

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