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Free Baja

With the FDA finally showing some modicum of common sense, it has at last declared the obvious — those districts of Florida that were not producing at the time of the last outbreak are not implicated in the outbreak.

It is such a ridiculous thing to have to say. There is simply no excuse that FDA ever had these districts under suspicion. It shows a kind of contempt for those damaged by their actions.

Obviously in every case in which FDA wishes to restrict consumption, every possible action must be taken to ensure that only areas of legitimate concern are, in fact, restricted.

When dealing with fresh produce, this means FDA has to quickly access resources that are easily available regarding the seasonality of fresh produce production.

Although we commend FDA for acting on Florida, it is bizarre that it has not extended the same courtesy to Mexico.

Baja started production in mid-May. It is impossible, simply impossible, for Baja to have anything to do with an outbreak that had people getting sick on April 16th.

Yet, without even feeling an obligation to explain itself, FDA just bans an entire country; it lumps Baja in with areas that were producing tomatoes in Mexico six weeks ago.

What could possibly be behind this? Politics? Is the FDA so politically influenced that you need a US senator to plead your case or you won’t be treated fairly?

Every day the FDA keeps a ban on Baja production, it sends the message that FDA decisions are based on politics, not science. Every day the FDA keeps the ban on Baja is a day of shame for the FDA and for America.

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