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Four More Years For Irvin?

Tommy Irvin has served as Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Agriculture since 1969. He is not only Georgia’s senior constitutional officer but has served as head of his state’s agriculture department longer than anyone else in the United States. He is universally recognized as a powerful and innovative advocate for the interests of Georgia.

I first shook hands with the Commissioner when we were both in Cuba at a trade show to promote the export of U.S. food to that market. As he had pushed to open markets in Russia and China, Commissioner Irvin was pushing to open the Cuban market for Georgia farmers in line with his long-held beliefs that expanded trade is not only good for business, but promotes world peace.

As a result of the recent primary election in Georgia, it looks highly likely that Tommy Irvin will be elected to an unprecedented 9th term as Commissioner. He received more votes than all four Republican agricultural candidates — combined.

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