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Food Safety Culture

We ran a piece explaining why those who had access to a satellite dish should have tried to view “Reducing Risk Factors In Retail and Foodservice.”

Now the same program is available for easy video viewing with Real Media or Windows Media. There is a lot of interesting and valuable stuff here. Many in the industry will especially want to check out a presentation that includes Cas Tyba, Food Safety Manager of Big Y Foods, and others from Big Y dealing with how a supermarket can reduce food safety risk.

The best presentation on the video is by Frank Yiannas, Director of Safety & Health for Walt Disney World. Here is the description of his presentation:

Disney World shares a host of strategies to support their Behavioral Based Food Safety Management System, which combines both food science and behavioral science. Managers are trained how to manage performance using positive consequences such as positive feedback, certificates and awards and measure performance to catch people doing things right. Disney believes that when you create a food safety culture, you change the way people think, behave and believe around food. New technologies are also applied to smart kitchen set ups, their internal inspection process and on-site training.

As much as anything else, from top to bottom, if we want to improve food safety we need, as described here, “a food safety culture.” Catch the video right here.

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