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Fit To Be Tied

Some people have simply no sense of decency. Many years ago, Procter & Gamble launched a product called Fit, which is basically a produce wash. It was never very popular and most produce departments refused to stock it because the produce directors thought that the very presence of such a product in the department raised questions in the minds of consumers over the safety of produce. P&G eventually washed its hands of the product (no pun intended) and sold it.

The product’s efficacy has never been peer-reviewed, the FDA hasn’t endorsed it, and it isn’t clear that it does anything important. Still, there are a lot of questionable products out there, and if it makes some consumers feel better, it might even increase produce consumption.

But some people just have no sense of decency. The industry is being flattened by recalls and public concerns about the safety of its products. Everyone is working day and night to keep things together, and these guys have the nerve to send a release implying that their wash will somehow do something related to public concern over E. coli and spinach. Geez. Sometimes I wish this wasn’t a family website. I won’t even give them a link.

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