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Finished Product Testing Rewind

Although a lot of what we run here at the Pundit is fun or interesting, we also have the responsibility to lay out issues, sometimes weighty and technical, simply because they are important. An example of this type of piece was an extensive article we ran last week entitled A Closer Look At Finished Product Testing.

The piece was built around an interview with Dr. Mansour Samadpour of IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group. Dr. Mansour, among many other things, was instrumental in helping set up the testing system that Natural Selection Foods implemented after last September’s spinach outbreak.

The importance of the subject can hardly be overestimated. On the outcome will depend not only the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars but the shape of our food safety systems and the safety of the product we present to consumers.

Still, because it requires concentration to absorb, it is easy to skip over such an in-depth piece. To make sure everyone wanting to understand this industry dilemma didn’t pass over the piece and forget to return, we wanted to draw attention to it. You can find the article right here.

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