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Filice Takes Helm On Grower-Shipper
Association Of Central California

The Grower-Shipper Association of Central California is a small but enormously important and influential association in the produce trade. It has just elected its new officers and board:

Salinas, California — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:


The ballots to elect the Board of Directors for the Grower-Shipper Association for the 2007-2008 were counted. The elected Directors met and elected the following officers for the year.

The 2007-2008 Officers of the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California are:

Kay Filice
Filice Farms
Hollister, California
Vice Chair
Dennis Donohue
European Vegetable Specialties
Salinas, California
Bill Moncovich
California Giant, Inc.
Watsonville, California
James W. Bogart

In addition to the Chairwoman, Vice Chair and Treasurer, the Board of Directors for the Grower-Shipper Association for 2007-2008 are:

Nick Azcona
Azcona Harvesting, LLC
Greenfield, California
Rodney Braga
Braga Ranch
Soledad, California
Steve Church
Church Brothers, LLC
Salinas, California
Andrew Cumming
Metz Fresh, LLC
King City, California
Sammy Duda
Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.
Salinas, California
Will Feliz
River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC
Salinas, California

Ken Higashi
Easton Enterprises, Inc.
Salinas, California

Lorri Koster
Mann Packing Co., Inc.
Salinas, California
David Martella
Martella Farming Company
Salinas, California
Joseph Pezzini
Ocean Mist Farms
Castroville, California

Particularly significant is the choice of Kay Filice as the new Chairwoman of the Board to replace outgoing Chairman, Joe Pezzini who, in addition to his responsibilities at Ocean Mist Farms, is a little busy chairing the California Leafy Greens Handler Marketing Board.

Kay would be a substantial resource for the produce industry at any time. Not coming from a typical ag background, she brings new ideas and new ways of thinking. Kay grew up in the Midwest and worked in marketing with IBM. She got involved in the industry in the best way — through true love — when she married a farmer from Hollister.

When he passed away eight years ago, Kay stepped in and ran the family farm and business. Her intelligence and tenacity, her uplifting spirit in the face of hardship and sadness, won her the respect of her peers in the ag community as evidenced by her election to chair the Grower-Shipper Association.

Although Kay’s qualities would qualify her for leadership at any time, in this moment of media awareness, she is telegenic, calm, level-headed and a builder of consensus.

When Joe Pezzini, preparing to pass the gavel, introduced Kay, he said what many in the room were thinking: “Well, after 77 years we finally got it right.”

Congratulations to Kay and to all the board members and officers.

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