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FDA’s Timeline Hard To Swallow

Perhaps the most shocking line in this week of releases and statements was the line included in Florida’s press release regarding the placing of currently producing Florida counties on the “not implicated” list:

FDA’s website is updated in the evening and will reflect the change.

What could more perfectly illustrate the lack of urgency FDA is exemplifying in the way it approaches food safety in the produce industry?

The Honduran Cantaloupe Growers wait for months for FDA to lift the import alert. Who knows how long the Mexicans will be expected to wait.

FDA may have constrained this a bit compared to the spinach crisis, but tomatoes are a much larger item. So people are waiting with baited breath, with trailers of tomatoes they can’t sell, hanging on any piece of news, any hope.

And the FDA can’t be bothered to update its website. How revolting.

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