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E. coli Special Report Translated Into French

From time to time we’ve been fortunate to hear from experts overseas that they have found our work sufficiently valuable to merit translation to allow for a wider audience. We are always humbled by these requests for permission to translate.

For example, our piece for The New Atlantis, titled How to Improve Food Safety: Aggrandizing the FDA Only Distracts from Real Solutions, appeared in its entirety, in French, on Le Blog d’Albert Amgar, which is published under the auspices of the French magazine, Process Alimentaire. It appeared under the title Comment améliorer la sécurité des aliments aux Etats-Unis? Donner plus de moyens à la FDA détourne seulement des vraies solutions.

Now, we are pleased to report that our Special Report, As The European E. coli 0104:H4 Outbreak Causes Illness And Death, It Wreaks Havoc On The Produce Trade And Breaks Confidence In Public Health: Lessons From Europe, has also been translated by Albert Amgar and is appearing now in French in two parts under the titles:

L’épidémie à E. coli O104:H4 vue des Etats-Unis, 1/2

L’épidémie à E. coli O104:H4 vue des Etats-Unis, 2/2

We trust our Francophone readers will find these links convenient and thank both Albert Amgar and Process Alimentaire 

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