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Dole Newsletter Wins
Web Marketing Award

Back in May of last year, when we interviewed David Murdock, Chairman and CEO of Dole Food Company, he explained goals and vision for the Dole Nutrition Institute this way:

The Nutrition Institute is the love of my life. I’ve invested $150 million of my own money into what will become one of the most advanced research and scientific labs of its kind ever conceived.

I wanted a facility totally dedicated to the benefit of improving health, to discovering what we need to know to live longer lives. I figure I’ll be living until I’m 125 years old, on the way to 150. I’d like to stop people from smoking and eating big juicy steaks saturated in fat. It’s hard motivating people to change. Part of the Institute’s function will be to educate people through publications on what to eat and drink and the reasoning behind it, with recipes and incentives.

I’ve devoted a great amount of time to create a huge major park with elegant landscaping and beautifully designed buildings in Regency style, and I’m putting 100 bicycles around the campus in the spirit of health for people to enjoy.

Well it looks like that investment is paying off, at least terms of acclaim:


Dole Food Company, Inc. announced today that the Web Marketing Association (WMA) awarded the Dole Nutrition News (DNN) their International Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising — Best Food Industry On-line Newsletter Award.

For two decades, the WMA has been setting standards for Internet communications and web development. Judges are drawn from the top executive tiers of Internet marketing, on-line advertising, public relations and website design professions. The WMA believes competition and recognition help drive excellence and spur continued creativity in the on-line arena.

“The Dole Nutrition News is really more than an on-line newsletter,” said Ben Sussman, Manager of Marketing and Business Development of the Dole Nutrition Institute. “It’s an in-depth nutrition resource, with a user-friendly database containing nearly 600 articles covering health, diet and fitness. Our 1.3 million subscribers know that our newsletter and website provide one-stop-shopping for the very latest in scientific discoveries on nutrition, weight loss advice, cooking videos, healthy recipes, and much more.”

In addition, subscribers can pose their nutrition questions directly to a registered dietician via the Dole Nutrition Institute’s partnership with the American Institute for Cancer Research. Parents, teachers and kids will find fun games and learning resources targeted to younger tastes at the award winning children’s website, To learn more about the Dole Nutrition Institute and its resources go to

The slogan over at the Dole Nutrition Institute is “Feeding the World with Knowledge” and we pay so much attention to industry initiatives, such as the Fruits & Veggies — More Matters! campaign of the Produce for Better Health Foundation, that it is important to remember that private companies are an important component of the trade’s outreach efforts to consumers.

Congratulations to Dole and many thanks to the Dole Nutrition Institute team for helping to spread the message about the healthful nature of fruits and vegetables.

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