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DMA’s Philanthropic
Anniversary Celebration

A few years ago, we received word that Dan’l Mackey Almy, already well known in the industry from her time as director of marketing at Standard Fruit & Vegetable and for overseeing almost a quarter billion dollars annually in Wal-Mart business for Fresh Del Monte, was going to start her own company.

We thought we were told that the name of the new company was DNA Solutions, and we were quite suitably impressed that Dan’l was going to now lead the industry into a new age of genetically altered produce. It seemed like a tough job.

Alas, she would not have it that easy. Explaining scientific principles would have been a snap compared to what she actually wound up doing. The company was really named DMA Solutions — after Dan’l Mackey Almy — and its purpose was marketing and business development for the produce industry.

Time travels fast and, yes, it has been half a decade since DMA was launched. As fellow entrepreneurs, we thought a hat tip was in order especially because DMA Solutions decided to commemorate its quinquennial anniversary with five charitable donations, one for each year in business:

DMA Solutions has selected five causes relevant to the fresh produce industry, healthy living, nutrition and hunger to receive a $500 donation each. These include:

• Produce Marketing Association Foundation for Industry Talent (PMA FIT) — In addition to its contribution to the Foundation’s capital campaign, DMA Solutions has earmarked an additional $500 specifically for the Tip Murphy Legacy Fund. This fund provides scholarships to PMA and PMA FIT leadership programs, supporting industry professionals seeking to advance their leadership skills and better serve the industry. “PMA FIT embodies the ultimate investment our industry can make, an investment in people. While there are other high profile issues and interests in our industry, attracting, developing and retaining talent is one of the surest competitive advantages for companies of all sizes. PMA FIT provides this most important resource for the fresh produce industry,” commented Almy.

• The United Fresh Leadership Alumni Organization — This organization provides alumni of the Produce Industry Leadership Program, offered by United Fresh Produce Association in conjunction with Dupont Crop Protection, an opportunity to continue their leadership journeys and give back to the produce community. Almy was part of Leadership Class Four, 1998-1999. “Without a doubt, this program is one of the best leadership experiences of my career,” said Almy. “I truly believe I would not have the opportunities I have today without the education, guidance and connections I experienced while in the program and since then as an active alumnus.”

• The Oliver Foundation — This Texas-based organization’s current efforts are directed toward physical activity and healthy eating solutions for children and families. These endeavors advance a high level of wellness that begins in childhood and lasts throughout life.

• Feeding America — This charity provides food to more than 25 million Americans each year through a network of over 70,000 local programs such as food banks, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and after-school programs.

• Heifer International — In addition to their mission of ending world hunger and poverty and caring for the earth, Heifer International also promotes environmentally sound agricultural techniques and urban agricultural projects.

What a nice precedent to set… one we hope other companies will also follow. We can’t wait to see what they do for their 10th. Congratulations to Dan’l and her team.

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