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Department Of Breaking Your Arm
By Patting Yourself On Your Back

We’ve received word that your friendly Pundit has been nominated for a Jesse H. Neal Award for his column “The Fruits of Thought” published in Pundit sister publication PRODUCE BUSINESS.

The award, which has been given annually for over half a century, is presented by American Business Media and is designed to recognize and reward excellence in the business media.

There are several categories but the one “The Fruits of Thought” is nominated in, best editorial or opinion, is traditionally one of the most prestigious.

The column has won dozens of awards over the years but this one includes being feted at an awards ceremony at New York’s famed Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Many thanks to our readers and to all those who have supported our efforts through the years.

If we win, we promise to accept the award on behalf of the whole trade. Because nothing we write means anything until you take it off the page…or the computer screen…and make it into something real.

The privilege to play a part in building a stronger industry is one thing we never take for granted.

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